Central African Republic: French Troops Kill Ex-Seleka Militiamen

Ex-Seleka members were killed during gunfights with French troops on Monday.

French troops of Operation Sangaris killed several ex-Seleka militiamen in Batangafo in the North of the Central African Republic, on Monday.

The incident took place when French troops came under fire from the former rebel group when they entered Batangafo, a city located about 300 kilometres north of the capital Bangui.

The gun battle lasted for hours, according to a member of the African peacekeeping force (MISCA).

Several ex-Seleka were killed, and many were injured. Two MISCA peacekeepers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo died. The French troops suffered no casualties.

The ex-Seleka forces denounced the confrontation as a “violation of the ceasefire established in Brazzaville”.

On July 23rd an agreement between the Muslim-majority ex-Seleka, and the anti-balaka, led by Christians was reached in Brazzaville, and a ceasefire was declared.

On Wednesday last week at least 22 people were killed during renewed fighting between the different armed groups in the country.


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