Libya Releases 60 Egyptians Detained in Tripoli

Cairo — Libyan authorities released on Saturday night 60 Egyptians who were detained in Tripoli on Friday to check the official documents allowing them to stay in Libya.

Investigation showed that 21 of the detained Egyptian workers had undergone sound legal procedures to stay in Libya while 39 did not undergo those procedures, the Middle East News Agency reported a Libyan security official as saying.

The passports of those whose paperwork was incomplete were delivered to the Egyptian embassy representative in Libya to be completed. They will be allowed to remain in the country until their paperwork is complete.

A Foreign Ministry statement on Friday said that groups wearing a military uniform arrested 70 Egyptians in Tripoli’s Ain Zara, Salah al-Din, and Souk al-Gomaa and led them to a “crime prevention centre” in al-Hadaba area.

The ministry renewed its warning to Egyptian citizens in Libya and asked them to exercise extreme caution on Libyan territory and to limit travel.

Egyptians in Libya have recently become subject to kidnap and detention amid a state of lawlessness in the country.


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